Benefits And Features Of Using A Single Core Orange Circular Cable

Orange circular cables come in two variants, mostly single core and multiple core cables. The components of the orange circular cable in a single core variant contains single cores + Earth right which can contain up to 6 Cores + extra Earth which can be available in a variety of sizes starting from 1.5mm or more. In case of the multicore cables, the number of cores can be different depending upon the application of the cable. The orange circular cable is available in different length variants as bundles and rolls most common of which is the 100mtr rolls, but there are vendors offering custom size rolls and even wires on meter basis. But to get longer length continuous orange circular cable one might have to pay extra as more than 1000 meters rolls are difficult to find in the market.

Features and Benefits of Single Core Orange Circular Cable

  • The single core wire contains a flexible Copper conductor which makes it super easy for handling and installation purposes.
  • These cables guarantee low Smoke in case of fire as it has zero content of halogen material in it.
  • There are non-toxic emissions when fire outbreaks and this makes the cable eco-friendly and good for human health as well. It reduces the occurrence of accidents also.
  • The cable also has a MICA Tape that provides feature of circuit integrity which is needed for the operation of important safety systems when fire occurs and can resist a temperature of around 110ºC
  • Top rated materials are used in these cables to maximize the utilization of copper.

Where are these cables used –?

  • In the manufacturing of Fire resistant power circuit.
  • In creation of consumer mains and subs mains
  • Lift sub mains
  • Power cable to fire pumps