Playing the best android games

Android games can be downloaded from google play store where both online as well as offline games are available in all genres. Even though one search for the new games or get to know about the interesting games from friends or from surfing the internet and get lists of games, some really engaging and fun filled games may be missed out. There are endless options and it is really interesting sub categories too. If you are a handheld gamer you will have so many genres to choose from the Best Android Games.

Playing games online is not a great deal today. People from various walks of life play some or the other online games, be it a school going kid or a working professional, be it a home maker or a college student; in short people of all age groups, gender, culture, different social background love to play online games either on their PC, laptop or smart phones. One such most loved online game is “Boom Beach”.

What is Boom Beach?

Boom Beach was one amongst top 10 video games when it was launched.  Boom beach is a free premium game which is commonly termed as fermium smart phone video game for android and iOS. This game was initially released in November 2013 in Canada and then it was far and wide released in March 2014 and it became an instant hit amongst the game lovers. This is one the best android games; a strategy game with the settings on a tropical archipelago.

Few amazing features of this exciting combat game:

  • Since this is an online game you get to play with millions of other players and raid as many enemies as you want.
  • You can also fight to gain control of precious resources to upgrade your base to fight against enemy attacks.
  • There is a great option to explore the vast tropical archipelago and find out the inexplicable powers.
  • You can even join other players and form an inescapable task force to defeat rest of the players.

This game can be downloaded for free but some of the features can even be bought for real money. If you do not want to buy or spend money then you can set up a password on your Google play store for making payments.

Whatever is your choice is to play, get ready to have supreme amount of fun.