What You Need to Know About free EU West League of Legends Account

Introduction to Free EU West LOL Account

League of Legends is a very popular PC 3D game among teenagers. It is the top most played PC game in North America and West Europe. The game has currently had more than 100 million active players each month. The game is a battle between the player’s champion team and the opponent enemy team. The game climax is to destroy the Nexus of the enemy team which is a unique structure hidden under defensive structures.Thirteen OL servers are available to players across countries. The servers are named with location names like North America, EU west, WE east, Turkey, Brazil, Oceania, Latin North, Latin South, Russia, Japan,and PBE servers. They are further categorized by age groups, price, champions count, champion names ELO and rare skins. Each server has its own ranking, management, community,and dynamics.The players can create free EU West Legend of Leagues Account using their unique email ids and proceed to play the 30 levels LOL game and enter into ranked matches. EUW was the 24.9% busiest of all active accounts located in the server. EU LOL started its operation in the year July 2010.

Need for a Separate EU West LOL Account

The free eu west league of legends account allows you to play with fellow European friends. Free EU West LOL account is one of the largest servers for MOBA game and ranked 3rd in the top 3 busiest location in the game. Paid EU west LOL servers are also available which allows skipping of tiring procedure of leveling up. Its price deals are great. The main language of the EU LOL server is English, so North American gamers can easily play. It is also available in German and Spanish language making it easy for West Europeans to play the game. The server is hosted in Amsterdam. Due to the low ping, Ukrainian and Russian gamers also prefer this server. Most LOL players prefer to have 2-3 LOL accounts. Compared to the EU West LOL server, the Public Beta Environment or PBE servers have the highest ping.

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How to move to EU West LOL Account?

Riot games givean opportunity for players to move from one account to another since there are chances for players to move to another country. Servers are sometimes closed for transfers. If the player wants to move to EU West LOL server and is compatible for such transfer, he/she needs to visit the Riot store and pay for the transition in the accounts tab. It will cost them $20. The drawback is that Russian, Brazilian, Latin American South and Latin American North cannot transfer to EUW account. They are blacklisted by Riot partners Garena and Tencent.