Face Serums: What Are They?

Face Serums

You are probably familiar with the conventional procedure of tone, cleanse and moisturise when it comes to skin care? But perhaps you have been hearing a great deal about face serums and you have been left wondering about them. What are they? Do I need you?

The prevalence of best face serum Singapore has been growing in recent years and they all are all becoming an essential part of women’s daily skincare regime all around the world. Yes, that is right – a element is to your skin care routine you should consider adopting because it can have benefits for your complexion. And here is why…

What are face serums?

Face serums are concentrated formulations protect, hydrate, repair and such as extracts, designed to nourish your skin. Many serums are water-based or either acrylic.

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Aren’t face serums exactly like moisturisers?

Not really. Face serums are different to face lotions and creams because they contain molecules that are smaller. This enables them to penetrate the skin deeply and faster than moisturisers making them more effective. The concentration of active ingredients in serums can be as large as 70%, compared with concentrations of about 5-10% in moisturisers. So they can pack a punch!

Advantages of face serums:

Because of their concentrated and unique formulas, and their ability to reach into the deeper layers of skin, serums can help with:

  • Superior hydration of the epidermis
  • A Decrease in the signs of aging, such as fine lines, wrinkles and age spots
  • A decrease in day and skin pigmentation from skin tone
  • Prevention of acne