Ghibli a useful place to pick up last minute souvenirs

Studio Ghibli

Many people’s introduction to Japan comes through the beautiful, evocative imagery of Studio Ghibli. Shopping for anime produce isn’t always as stress-free as you’d think in Japan. While any toy store will be stocked with goodies from currently airing, elementary schooler-targeted TV series such as Pokémon or Precure, many peoples’ tastes run towards more sophisticated fare, like the animated classics of Ghibli.

If you’re looking for stuffed animals or accessories inspired by the films of legendary anime director Hayao Miyazaki and his associates, you can’t go mistaken with a journey to Donguri Kyowakoku, a whole chain of stores that sells nothing but Ghibli items.Unlike the gift shop at this Museum in Tokyo’s Mitaka, Donguri Kyowakoku isn’t straight managed by the animation studio. As an alternative, Donguri Kyowakoku is operated by Benelic Co., which focuses in setting up faithful stores for holders of popular intellectual properties. Benelic’s group effort have comprised team-ups with Lego, video game maker Capcom, manga editor Shueisha, toy manufacturer Bandai, and even Dutch picture book rabbit Miffy.

Benelic’s highest-profile tie-up is with Studio Ghibli. Furthermore to the 30 branches across Japan, there are also seven Donguri Garden locations, which also specialize in Ghibli merchandise. Japan’s belief on public transportation means having to bring a bag when you go out. These bags leStudio Ghiblit you keep the whole thing organized, while allowing you to show your esteem for some of Japan’s most capable animators.If functionality is significant to you in your plush toys, Teto, the fox-squirrel companion of Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, is furnished with a chain that allows him to do twofold duty an adorable strap or key chain.

A wide-ranging list of Donguri Kyowakoku locations can be found here, but for travelers to Tokyo, one of the most easily accessed is the outlet in Ikebukuro, which is tuned up by the Yamanote rail line that circles inner city. Its open seven days a week, making it a useful place to pick up last minute souvenirs, while with all the cool materialthem, recommend going early in your trip while you still have some cash to blow.