Princess Mononoke – A landmark film in the animated industry

This is the landmark film in the animated industry. This film is about unsurpassed beauty and power. Princess Mononoke is having the epic story of gods, nature, and human. The film has been acclaimed universally by the critics and it has broken many records of the box office in Japan. Never miss this fantastic film about the girl who is been raised by the gods of a wolf. They prove themselves as the force of nature with smeared lips with blood, doing battle with the humans and the gods, and riding the great white wolf bareback. This is considered as the cultural icon.

The Legendary Studio Ghibli who is the creators of Spirited Away and Hayao Miyakazi who is the academy award winning director from them this epic masterpiece has come. This film has worldwide dazzled the audiences with the imagination and the deep humanity and the exhilarating battles.

Ashitaka who is the young warrior is inflicted by the deadly curse heads west in the search of the cure. There he stumbles into the conflict between Lady Eboshi who is the proud people of Iron Town and the Princess Mononoke, wolves raised a young girl who is stopping at nothing for preventing the humans from destroying there homes and the spirits of the forest and the animal gods who are living over there.

The voice is featured by Billy Crudup, Gillian Anderson, Claire Danes, Jada Pinkett Smith, Minnie Driver and Billy Bob Thornton.

Princess Mononoke is the foreign family film which sounds very charming. This could be the fair assumption when you see the previous hits from the director Hayao Miyakazi like My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service. Here Princess Mononoke is neither innocent nor cuddly. The violent tale of movie Ashitaka a prince who is exiled and trying to keep the peace between the humans and the warring animals. This is Miyazaki’s Stark departure from previous work. Princess Mononoke is Miyakazi most critically and commercially successful movie till date. It has been opened in the year 1997.

The films phenomenal profit in Japan has helped to carry it to America where Miyakazi was known among the hardcore animation geeks.