The evolution of yoga pants – Learn and get clear points

Hatha yoga flowered from the West from the late sixties and early seventy times when various prominent yoga masters would traveled. It did not take long for their students to recognize the benefits of yoga and it continued to increase in popularity. Today, yoga is a household word.

There was no such thing as yoga apparel at these days before students began a cottage industry. Back then from was their pajamas. Pajamas were an interesting option, because the phrase comes from Hindi word, which really means leg garment, though the pajamas yoga were not actually worn by yogis, who wore nothing but a loincloth, in that case.

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Loose fitting, trendy cotton pajamas supplied a pattern, but in order for the pajama style yoga leggings hong kong to be practical as yoga apparel, some adjustments had to be made. Elastic and drawstrings substituted more heavy cloth and waistbands were used rather than synthetics and the cotton. The frequent selection of unbleached cotton revealed the growing tendency towards organic, organic foods, as did the use of organic, earth-toned dyes.

Yoga pants were so comfortable that people wanted to wear them. Pockets were inserted and the market for them climbed beyond the yoga community. A few of those one grew into boutique manufacturing businesses. In an attempt they refined the materials they used and their designs. Today, yoga apparel has become so popular that fashion labels like Victoria’s Secret take a range of yoga pants and shirts.